#CVS exams and nights of Spring-2013

28-03-2013- Moonless night, 1 more to go for a ghost hour into this darkness of the spring. And here I am at this point of time studying the pipes and fittings inside you. The CVS exam is approaching after all, the time is travelling faster than the speed of sound… The Cardiovascular anatomy is really heavy indeed, I’ve been burning midnight oil for this subject since 2 days but there’s still more than 75% of the roads untraveled…….Thanks to Boyce avenue whose songs are there to refresh myself and prevent my memory from undergoing fatigue…..So, following are the topics to … Continue reading #CVS exams and nights of Spring-2013

Top #3 Crushes of My Life – 2013 Valentine’s Day Special

The memory of crushes I happened to encounter in my life sometimes induces a feeling of regretfulness. Yes, regrets in the sense that I couldn’t gather strength enough to express the purity of my heart and also in some cases couldn’t utilize my wisdom to keep the patience for the right time…….I hope I haven’t confused you. Well! They say that you haven’t lived much of your life if you don’t have regrets. Acknowledging the regrets may be unpleasant but they provide the proof that I have lived and am still living my life. Life’s not only composed of body … Continue reading Top #3 Crushes of My Life – 2013 Valentine’s Day Special

Is Love a Disease? – A Medical Student’s Love Story

After completing the journey of 365 days around the sun, the Valentine’s Day arrives once again. “Give and take love” situations once again surround the medical school atmosphere. As this is life, some are really excited whereas some are deeply saddened recalling their past moments. However almost everyone seems to talk about love at least once at this point of time. How could this blog then resist itself from drinking the real juice of this season? This post brings you smallest of the stories that represent the general love life of medical students. It was during first year of his … Continue reading Is Love a Disease? – A Medical Student’s Love Story

3 Basic Categories of Medical Students

Medicine is ever changing and limitless science. So, do the people with med school ID cards 😉 In the language of Medicine and from the mind of a person who wants to become a future clinician, it’s impossible to classify them. However these are some of the hypothetical observations drawn from my own med school experiences. If you’ve had discovered something new during your med school days, feel free to comment below 😉 Category #1: The kind of persons who think that being a med student make themselves the superior most creature of this global sphere fall into this category. … Continue reading 3 Basic Categories of Medical Students

Undefined Search and Unknown Destination

“It’s time for me to stop here, take rest and discontinue my journey to the top”, he just thinks. A night is approaching by and the sky is semi-clear. The rain has not been pouring since hours which have made his journey easier. An obvious question arises in my mind “Who the hell is he?” Following the extreme grammatical rules to take “he” as a single person will lead to a misnomer……… “He” as a pronoun represents any person whose state of mind resonates with the type of person described in the upcoming lines. “He” doesn’t lie only in the … Continue reading Undefined Search and Unknown Destination

Imagination,Creativity and Medicine

It was another Friday eve in the nearby restaurant when a strange greenish white texture onthe wall dragged my attention. The transition from blank state of mind into the state focused on the wall continued to show even more effect after the caffeine I had ordered arrived at the table. I began on focusing more and the texture kept on inducing more pleasant sensations to the mind. Then suddenly I began to receive the holographic images off that wall as the initial intake of caffeine approached threshold. The two forces of the mind began to counteract each other. The first … Continue reading Imagination,Creativity and Medicine

Rainy Days of 2012 & the Hectic Neuro Schedule

  Last few days have marked the beginning of rainy season this year. I wanted to write something about rain earlier on but this onset of Neurosensory schedule has cut off much of the time estimated for thinking. Huge classroom hours and these practical sessions since morning till evening are just sufficient to make anyone exhausted. This Neurosensory system has transformed many of my friends from their rocking cool nature into the silent, calm guys confused with their own common sense. I don’t remember the exact citation but a survey revealed most of the medical students who smoke begin smoking … Continue reading Rainy Days of 2012 & the Hectic Neuro Schedule