#CVS exams and nights of Spring-2013

28-03-2013- Moonless night, 1 more to go for a ghost hour into this darkness of the spring. And here I am at this point of time studying the pipes and fittings inside you. The CVS exam is approaching after all, the time is travelling faster than the speed of sound… The Cardiovascular anatomy is really heavy indeed, I’ve been burning midnight oil for this subject since 2 days but there’s still more than 75% of the roads untraveled…….Thanks to Boyce avenue whose songs are there to refresh myself and prevent my memory from undergoing fatigue…..So, following are the topics to … Continue reading #CVS exams and nights of Spring-2013

Hello world!

Welcome to THE MEDICAL WAY! I have been blogging in several other sites since 2007 but this is my very first post as a medical blogger. As it is said that a journey of thousand miles begin with a single step, I’ve started this new blog as a result of insights that I have gathered  from the experiences as a medical student. This blog will be collection of thoughts, observations, feelings and experiences of a medical student. So, I’ve given it a name The Medical Way. I’ll be posting other posts within few hours. Stay connected. Comments and suggestions will … Continue reading Hello world!