Something To Say

Tears from the heart, drops from the skies Both of them are together with me One irrigates the farm where I grow hemlocks; And the other drenches myself with the earth Turned into a grass above the lonely hills Wandering through the alien streets of the city………. Suffocating in the fear of consequences What will be our fate? We still have never met Will it remain hidden like the words in the diary? Can’t you see the drowsy numbness and pain? Though bent but as you wished I’m still the same As the sky gets clear I hope you are … Continue reading Something To Say

The weakness of a backbencher

That intense shine brighter than the starry skies, That purpose lodged deep into the enthusiastic eyes, Those wondering questions unanswered inside my mind, Those unrevealed mysteries about the womankind, That name written in the broken mirror inside, That single secret which often tends to hide, Those soft fingers of a child stretching out, Those eight barbels possessed by a hornpout, That numbness petrified by the awakened dreams, That awful midnight when the frustration screams, Those currents of pain suppressed under my narrations, Those drunken nights and the never ending celebrations, That threatening call by rain to reclaim the atmosphere, That … Continue reading The weakness of a backbencher

Top #3 Crushes of My Life – 2013 Valentine’s Day Special

The memory of crushes I happened to encounter in my life sometimes induces a feeling of regretfulness. Yes, regrets in the sense that I couldn’t gather strength enough to express the purity of my heart and also in some cases couldn’t utilize my wisdom to keep the patience for the right time…….I hope I haven’t confused you. Well! They say that you haven’t lived much of your life if you don’t have regrets. Acknowledging the regrets may be unpleasant but they provide the proof that I have lived and am still living my life. Life’s not only composed of body … Continue reading Top #3 Crushes of My Life – 2013 Valentine’s Day Special

Undefined Search and Unknown Destination

“It’s time for me to stop here, take rest and discontinue my journey to the top”, he just thinks. A night is approaching by and the sky is semi-clear. The rain has not been pouring since hours which have made his journey easier. An obvious question arises in my mind “Who the hell is he?” Following the extreme grammatical rules to take “he” as a single person will lead to a misnomer……… “He” as a pronoun represents any person whose state of mind resonates with the type of person described in the upcoming lines. “He” doesn’t lie only in the … Continue reading Undefined Search and Unknown Destination