Medical Education in United States : Cost Vs Opportunities

United States is one of the most preferable destinations of medical education. However, the tuition and cost expenses are always a matter of issue. Lots of Medical graduates have been ending up in massive education loans since years. On the other hand, quality education, life experiences and research opportunities are also debatable issues for discussion.


This week a medical portal called “Update Medicine” published two articles outweighing the cost and opportunities of medical education in United States. In the first article, it explains cost of medical education in various medical universities and on the second one, it highlights the life experiences and opportunities of perusing medical education in U.S through an interview with one of the award winning medical student and young medical researcher trained in various universities of United States. Links to both of the articles are given below. Now, its upon the readers to decide.

  1. Cost of Education in Top Medical Schools of United States
  2. Life Experiences During Medical School in U.S. – Interview with Award Winning Medical Student



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