Bergamot orange juice to fight cancer

Bergamot orange  is a yellow colored lemon like fruit and the  juice obtained from it tastes less sour than lemon.  It grows in a small tree that blossoms during the winter and the production is mostly limited to Southern Italy and France. It is commercially implicated in production of drinks, fragrance and skin creams.

History reveals that Calabrian indigenous medicine used its juice to treat malaria. On the other hand, past researches have shown its potential therapeutic role in cystic fibrosis,beta-thalessemia and sickle cell disease. Now, researchers report in the journal  Fitoterapia  that molecules largely distributed in Bergamot orange, could someday be used as an anticancer agent.

A group of researchers from Italy and Germany qualitatively and quantitatively characterized Bergamot Juice flavonoid fractions using Reversed Phase High Perforamce Liquid Chromatography, PDA and Mass Spectrometry.  U. Valentiner, U. Schumacher and colleagues note that Bergamot juice reduces adhesivess and invasion of human neuroblastoma cell lines in vitro. They also observed significant reduction of pulmonary metastases of neuroblastoma in mice model.

These anti cancer properties were observed in Neuroblastoma model which is the extracranial pediatric solid tumour of poor prognosis. The researchers on their paper write “These effects without any apparent sign of systemic toxicity confirm the potential clinical interest of BJ and lay the basis for further investigation in cancer


Russo M, Schumacher U, Valentiner Uet al(Mar 1 2014). Effect of Citrus bergamia juice on human neuroblastoma cells in vitro and in metastatic xenograft models. Fitoterapia. pii: S0367-326X(14)00054-9.

Krippner, Stanley; Ashwin Budden, Michael Bova, Roberto Galante (September 2004). “The Indigenous Healing Tradition in Calabria, Italy”. Proceedings of the Annual Conference for the Study of Shamanism and Alternative Modes of Healing

RFLP Analysis of the Origin of Citrus Bergamia, Citrus Jambhiri, and Citrus Limonia  –


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