Top 5 Youtube Channels for Learning Basic Medical Sciences

There are tons of videos on Basic Medical Sciences available on YouTube. Almost all of them claim to provide easy and the clear understanding of the subject while I think most of them fail. Basic Medical Sciences here generally refers to 6 subjects of medical discipline i.e. Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Microbiology.  Choosing the right ones out for your specific learning purpose might be quite cumbersome.  You may encounter such situations when you start up searching something and end up viewing something else. For e.g. I was once searching for videos on Gastrointestinal Physiology but then ended up in viewing the whole set of some hours of documentaries on GI disorders. This sucks!!! Such mistakes during exams exacerbates the frustrations. So here is the list of medical YouTube channels which I think are trustworthy enough to achieve your goals. Some of the videos uploaded on these channels have really helped me through the tough times even during the boards. Feel free to comment below if you have other recommendations as well 😉

#5 hyperhighs : physio lipo

This guy has uploaded some very good collections on Musculoskeletal System, Cardiovascular Physiology and Neuroanatomy. He uses hand drawn diagrams and texts to explain the things. The background music and his great voice add synergistic effect to the learning process. I think the best videos uploaded are his series of videos on Lipoprotein Physiology.

#4 harpinmartin : hand drawn

Exclusive live hand drawn tutorials uploaded by them makes it easier and interesting. The uploads include videos on Hematology, Heart, Neuroscience, Immune System, Special Senses, Renal Anatomy and Endocrinology. Till today they are absolutely free. The completed diagrams of corresponding lectures can be downloaded free from their website in pdf format.

#3 tomiwa007 : tomiwa007

This is the official YouTube channel of Future Teaching Physicians (  It consists of explanatory lectures on Pathology, Biochemistry, Pathophysiology, Gastrointestinal System and also med school advices. The peculiarity is that their lecture videos are clinically oriented.  For full set of videos you need to buy a subscription on their website.

#2 General Human Anatomy Lectures by Prof Marian Diamonddr marian

It’s actually a playlist uploaded under UC Berkeley channel. This consists of gold standard lectures on Anatomy of all the body systems. Her style of teaching medicine in a way old grandma teaches ABC’s during early schools is really appreciable. These videos help you build your foundations of Anatomy and carry the concepts wherever you go.

#1 DrNajeebLectures : drnajeeb

I think he needs no introduction. The way he draws cartoons to clear the concepts and creates the fun in entire lecture shows that even a 10 year old kid can ace medical school exams if he’s allowed to sit in his lecture. He has uploaded some of the great lecture videos on youtube. Though you need to buy subscription for full set of his lectures at , there’s still lot free on Youtube to help you boost your understanding of Medicine. All 6 giant subjects and one single man to handle. He deserves to teach in Harvard.


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