Top #3 Crushes of My Life – 2013 Valentine’s Day Special

The memory of crushes I happened to encounter in my life sometimes induces a feeling of regretfulness. Yes, regrets in the sense that I couldn’t gather strength enough to express the purity of my heart and also in some cases couldn’t utilize my wisdom to keep the patience for the right time…….I hope I haven’t confused you. Well! They say that you haven’t lived much of your life if you don’t have regrets. Acknowledging the regrets may be unpleasant but they provide the proof that I have lived and am still living my life. Life’s not only composed of body and soul. It’s not life unless you have something called “story” in it. Before my pen starts diverting my mind completely into the philosophy, I pull myself back into our main topic of interest “Top #3 Crushes of Life”. Here we go……

#1: It was during my pre-med school and I was preparing for MBBS Entrance Exams. She had really come into my life from a distant atmosphere. She came as well as vanished away like an hour of rain. However the impact of her entry in my life lasted like monsoon….. The best thing I liked about her was her voice. She was a typical Pisces girl.

#2:  I had met her during the interview of one of the med school. She was couple of years younger than me both in terms of age and mind 😉 I still remember the one hour talk we had before I was called for the interview. I explained her I knew about the medical field and med school admission procedures/difficulties. She was really impressed at the simplicity of my explanation. The time went too quickly and my turn for interview came up. She gently pinched my cheeks with both of her hands and said “Do well! Best of luck”; with her unforgettable smile. After my interview was over I tried my best searching her around but went unsuccessful. I even don’t know which med school she joined and where is she from.

#3:  I met her during the end of my first year. She was coming up for her admission. Meanwhile I was also on the account section for some work. She was terribly confused about the admission process. The accountant was so busy that he was unable to explain her questions. She was asking for the confirmation letter and accountant was explaining it was none of his job. I then told her that she’ll get the confirmation letter only after one month because we had also got the one after a month of med school. Suddenly I heard an old lady’s voice. It was her mother scolding her not to talk to the strangers. She was so shy and turned her head down. I smiled and went away. Since then I haven’t been able to distinguish herself from the junior crowd……..

Disclaimer: This story is nothing more than art of ridiculous imaginations. Resemblance to me or any other persons is purely coincidental.


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