Is Love a Disease? – A Medical Student’s Love Story

After completing the journey of 365 days around the sun, the Valentine’s Day arrives once again. “Give and take love” situations once again surround the medical school atmosphere. As this is life, some are really excited whereas some are deeply saddened recalling their past moments. However almost everyone seems to talk about love at least once at this point of time. How could this blog then resist itself from drinking the real juice of this season? This post brings you smallest of the stories that represent the general love life of medical students.

It was during first year of his medical school. “Don’t get near me if you have a love disease. I’m not interested.” It was her last sentence he had heard. All the enthusiasm and energy he had within started vanishing away. The beautiful world inside him was tossed into the trash. Initially he had lost all his focus and wasn’t able to motivate himself on anything. It took some weeks for him to realize that it was just a part of his life, like a dream.

He was going fine living his own life but one day suddenly out of nowhere her last lines got his mind struck. His blood pressure started rising. He, however after few minutes managed to drag himself into the realization that the effect produced by this thought was just the projection of his own tricky mind. He then decided to dissect that thought so that he wouldn’t have to suffer from that distraction anymore.

Her last sentences signified that love is a kind of a disease but he wasn’t ready to accept that he was living his life on an illness. He entered the medical zone of his mind. He then found himself into the first Pathology lecture of his medical school. The teacher was explaining that there are 4 steps of a disease process namely 1. Etiology 2.Pathogenesis 3.Morphology and 4.Signs and symptoms

He assumed that if his life was on an illness, the process of love also comprises of above four aspects of disease process. He decided to go one by one……..

  1. Etiology: Though it was known who the causative agent was but the reason why it happened remained a mystery.
  2. Pathogenesis: There wasn’t any clarity of insights or thoughts even inside the deepest ocean of his hippocampus regarding the progression of love and the precipitation of minor heart attacks 😉
  3. Morphology: There’s no any microscope built today that could visualize his internal sufferings. The broken heart never shows up on an X-ray.
  4. Signs and symptoms: Even if present were very less prominent. These were not strong enough to suggest or even formulate a new clinical diagnosis.

After hours of wandering through these thoughts he concluded that love is nothing more than a metaphor of itself. His eyes opened gradually and the sleep cycle was over.


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