3 Basic Categories of Medical Students

Medicine is ever changing and limitless science. So, do the people with med school ID cards 😉 In the language of Medicine and from the mind of a person who wants to become a future clinician, it’s impossible to classify them. However these are some of the hypothetical observations drawn from my own med school experiences. If you’ve had discovered something new during your med school days, feel free to comment below 😉

Category #1: The kind of persons who think that being a med student make themselves the superior most creature of this global sphere fall into this category. The tattoo of superiority complex they bear within themselves can be seen clearly with open eyes even from a far distance. The fashion statement can be heard way much louder than their medical knowledge. They have inborn talent i.e. they sound fancy and sometimes even hypnotizing. Don’t get shocked when you see them vomiting some research based sentences (that nobody else knows in this entire planet ;)) because they are the same people when asked to define a cell or a bacterium will certainly go quiet and clueless……These category of people are self claimed social activists as Mark Zuckerberg provided great platform for them. Some people of this category with an intense desire to look smart do several things ranging from playing a Portuguese music (which nobody from this region normally hears) to plagiarizing poems/articles from various sources for a monthly column. In summary they’re the classic examples to prove empty vessels make louder noise.

Category #2: They are the greatest of hard working people with tremendous absence of thoughts-skill orientation! They’ve been entitled “dumb” by category 1 people but their area 41, 42 is not strong enough to perceive it. You can find these people 24/7 on the library. You can clearly see the victimized signs of their own complexity on their faces. Their field of vision is always inside the examination hall as the only purpose of their lives is passing exams. The best way to identify them is to look at the bags they carry on the way to their med school, these people are the ones with heaviest bags 😉

Category #3: “I know everything” type but remain quiet most of the time even in need. These people usually look lazy and mentally retarded. Category 1 people call them dork but these people ignore it. They maintain good friendship with Category 2 people and love to help them without expectance of benefit. They enjoy their own circle and life and hence avoid med student gatherings. The best gift you can bestow upon them is ignorance.  Even the greatest of things doesn’t make them interested or enthused. One thing remarkable about them is that they just love to smile and move down in their own pace.


One thought on “3 Basic Categories of Medical Students

  1. I can’t agree with you more on “they are the same people when asked to define a cell or a bacterium will certainly go quiet and clueless”.
    Well, i have come across quite a few of Category 1 and Category 3 people.
    Funny but its a fact.
    Anyway Good going.

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