Undefined Search and Unknown Destination

“It’s time for me to stop here, take rest and discontinue my journey to the top”, he just thinks. A night is approaching by and the sky is semi-clear. The rain has not been pouring since hours which have made his journey easier. An obvious question arises in my mind “Who the hell is he?” Following the extreme grammatical rules to take “he” as a single person will lead to a misnomer……… “He” as a pronoun represents any person whose state of mind resonates with the type of person described in the upcoming lines. “He” doesn’t lie only in the outer world but also in the inner experience…..”He” is a medical student who represents his presence in every possible latitudes and longitudes of this earth and “he” has existed and will exist through every possible points of time travelled in the empty space by a universal sphere…….So, his existence doesn’t define the single person…..He is different from other medical students in the way he thinks. Nothing called “the seriousness” is imprinted in his thoughts pattern regarding life but an “infinite curious approach to life” always follows him in his every journey as this journey is……

Though he has some dedication to his career and respect to everyone walking through the hospital ward, 99% of his hippocampus is always outside the hospital boundary. Mind is really a complex and anonymously layered thing. Outer layer is represented by a tag of Medicine as the way everybody view him and so does his inner “everybody” within himself. The actual identity of his mind will always remain a mystery cause it’s governed by such laws whose statements defining them doesn’t exist in any books or biographies. Neither in any theory nor in any philosophy………… Nowhere at all!

Let’s come back to his journey when he’s lying down on the sloppy inclination of a green hill. It’s the same mud and the grass upon which he takes rest and enjoys the view of sky with the green surroundings. “Why don’t you go to the top of this hill and complete your destination?” an unknown voice from the surrounding questions. He answers, “I have been watching each and every variations in the picture of this sky in every point of my journey and now it has become the way of my life…..” “The sloppy piece of ground where I’m now lying gives the clearest image of sky, the image which is an endorphin for my inner self. I don’t want a second hand picture of my reality which is the view of sky from the top.” he elaborates. He further questions to that unknown voice “Does the nature define my destination as a form of elevated topography?  ” and all the reply he gets is a silence…… “There’s no pre defined destiny for me whatsoever. I acknowledge every paths of my journey. Every path narrow or broad, rough or slippery, upwards or downwards on the soil of which I walk with my two legs become my destination…..Happiness is the state of mind during which I can breathe most of the fresh air from this surrounding and my mind won’t be transformed to that state if I aim to view this sky from the top of this hill. So, the top of this hill isn’t my destination” he says……..

His life, the life in which “he” lives is a form of a search, a quest for something that’s not defined even to him. Is it a search associated with materialism? Is it a search of spiritualism? Is it a search for energy? Is it a search of sensational extremity? Is this a search for freedom? Such types of unanswerable questions are often arisen in the different layers of his mind. He doesn’t feel that he is in search of any gods and search of ghosts as a philosophical concept doesn’t exist anywhere. This is the definition of undefined search in process of which he and his life is involved……..He then smiles, looking at the semi-clear sky in order to compensate the absence of moon……

Suddenly a strange view encounters his sight, a picture of his medical school lying at the beneath of a distant horizon……The semi-clear sky is arranged in such a way that the clouds make up the roof of his medical school. The linear pattern of twinkling stars makes up staircases on the way to the roof of his medical school. So, in order get into the roof of his medical school, one must land onto the clouds resting upon it! The stairs appear and disappear every time the star twinkles. Furthermore there exists a gap in between every stairs. If you fall down along the way either in one of these 2 ways, probability of rising almost tends to zero. But he is the one who cannot fall in either of those ways. His limbs are tied up by chains, the super chains of maturity. As everyone he was born free but as he grew older the invisible chains automatically begin to tie up around all of his limbs. This process will continue and one day those chains will tie up around his neck. That is the very moment out of his life in which he lives when the nature will declare him as a dead body!





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