Imagination,Creativity and Medicine

It was another Friday eve in the nearby restaurant when a strange greenish white texture onthe wall dragged my attention. The transition from blank state of mind into the state focused on the wall continued to show even more effect after the caffeine I had ordered arrived at the table. I began on focusing more and the texture kept on inducing more pleasant sensations to the mind. Then suddenly I began to receive the holographic images off that wall as the initial intake of caffeine approached threshold. The two forces of the mind began to counteract each other.

The first one which I later named “The force of imaginative creativity” led to compare that texture to the pattern of life. Various straight lines and curves represented the ups, downs and twists in different stages of life. Then, out of nowhere new random insights regarding life and the experiences began to pour down within my consciousness and I started to note them down as many aspiring writers do. I felt as if I was in a place inside the own hippocampus surrounded with water falls in all directions.

Numbered #2, “The force of Medical Knowledge” displayed medically related images even with more holographic variations. The rosette patterns in the microscopic section of retinoblastoma, the intracranial surfaces and the surroundings and the branches of various plexuses were some of them.

“Can I plot the imagination and medical knowledge in two axes of a same plane?” a sector of my mind questioned. “It depends”; I answered .I further began elaborating as: “Though efficient use of little imagination may help in the analysis of patients’ history, specialization may also be taken into account. It doesn’t make any sense for a pathologist to use his extraordinary imagination in microscopically viewing the pathological slides as little fluctuation in the image may count for different clinical picture. Thinking that way strictly also may not work as every psychiatrist you meet are not the metaphysicians 😉

I further kept on going within myself,”On the other hand I believe deeper imaginations are often followed by their corresponding shadows of uncertainties and uncertainty doesn’t work as a tool in treating the patients. Though medicine is said to be a form of an art, it certainly lacks the platform for higher levels of creative imagination. Physician writers such as Anton Chekhov and Taslima Nasreen, if had limited their creativities to the core subject of Medicine; they would not be known today. No matter they might have been famous among the people in the medicine like Harrison and Guyton are but it is the matter of fact that today everyone knows Chekhov by his stream of consciousness and the tragic approach whereas Taslima Nasreen by her writings associated to treating of women in Islam community.”

As more germs of confusion started gathering around my brain, I decided to leave the place and conclude the whole story in a one question. i.e. “Is the subject of saving life narrow and weak to carry the gift of god?”


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