Rainy Days of 2012 & the Hectic Neuro Schedule


Last few days have marked the beginning of rainy season this year. I wanted to write something about rain earlier on but this onset of Neurosensory schedule has cut off much of the time estimated for thinking. Huge classroom hours and these practical sessions since morning till evening are just sufficient to make anyone exhausted. This Neurosensory system has transformed many of my friends from their rocking cool nature into the silent, calm guys confused with their own common sense. I don’t remember the exact citation but a survey revealed most of the medical students who smoke begin smoking after start of Neuro session followed by CVS. I still remember those days of my childhood when I used to play with my friends in the rain and enjoy the season. Sleeping till late morning in the background music of rain is another awesome experience. I had had missed some of the sessions during pre-med classes due to the feeling of excess comfort while sleeping during rainy morning. These two memories make me realize how “the time” accelerates through itself as I can’t repeat those things in this part of my life. We need to arrive at the class early in the morning regardless of any seasons or situations. Even though I couldn’t enjoy this rain as those days now, the necessity of this season has increased with age and the depth of medicine I’m drowning myself into. Rain brings a cool blow of relief into this inflammatory state of hippocampus. The magic drops helps to get back the real spirit and refill the empty lungs. The song “Rain Over me” by Pithbull and Mark Anthony induces a synergistic effect into this rainy state of mind. Though the shower these days are acidic chemically but my inner self observes those drops with more purity when those are in contact with the surrounding green. Okay, I think my allocated time for this piece has exceeded quite a bit and it’s time to recall some Physiologic Anatomy of Ventricular System and CSF stuffs we learned today. Lastly thanks to this caffeine and those small drops of rain falling in the nearby pond which framed some insights and helped me pour out the feelings on the topic I was looking to write for since few days. I’ll ring you all back whenever I could manage time off this hectic schedule or escape myself via bunking few classes 😉



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