The Craziest Restricted Desires of a Medical Student

Medical field comprises of one of the most hectic busy lives that one can ever have. The bulky schedules in medical schools are capable enough to make you tired and feel exhausted. So, in order to adapt according to the medical school’s schedule and frame career in this profession, you certainly need to give up some of your most amazing craziest and fantastic desires and wishes. So, what do you think are those desires? Well, before entering medical schools most of the students are bit immature minded with some rocking beliefs about the life. But after some months of exposure, they’ll surely come to realize life’s not that easy.

In order to detect those restricted desires lying in deepest endothelium of medical students, I tried a simple little experiment with a fresher of a medical school whom I was already familiar with. I gave him a blank sheet of paper and told him to write the “25 things he wants to do before his death” in half an hour. He scribbled his desires at a very rapid moment at first and after some time he was stuck. However he was able to fill almost two-third part of paper in the given time. Though he cheated in the number just completing a list of 20 but gave some glimpse of some excellent pattern of desires a fresher has before it gets broken down due to anti-adhesion factors inside the medical membrane. 😉 So, here’s exactly what he wrote on that paper. The points given below are in the voice of the fresher of the med school whom I had interviewed.

  1. I want to go fishing all over the day somewhere near Hawaii.
  2. I want to ride the ship in such a way Columbus discovered the America.
  3. I want to stay in a jungle alone for a week.
  4. I want to persue Genetic Enginnering along with medicine.
  5. I want to have a collection of most expensive wine in my apartment.
  6. I want to tame an elephant so that I could go for safari everyday.
  7. I want to do mountain climbing for years.
  8. I wish to build the railway station in Mustang of Nepal.
  9. I want to master the techniques to play the guitar with every parts of my body.
  10. I want to buy a moster truck for going to my school.
  11. I want to have sex with 100 different women before marriage.
  12. I want to rock a concert with Metallica.
  13. I want to buy Dadeldhura, a district of Nepal which is my home town.
  14. I want to meet Sachin Tendulkar.
  15. I want to spit at least once at Eminem’s face.
  16. I want to sit in the top of a chimney of a factory for a day with factory closed.
  17. I want to swim in the honey see.
  18. I want to be a 23 with a money tree soon.
  19. I want to do a world-tour in a space-ship.
  20. I want to make cigarettes available free of cost.

So, those are his desires. Though he may fulfill some of them after graduation by paying certain price but most of them will be restricted for sure in entire journey of his life. Having any of them done with medical school schedule on hand is almost impossible. If I’ll show this to him after a year or two, I’m sure he would feel amazed with himself that had such beliefs and desires. Thanks to him for co-operating in this simple thought experiment.

So, what were your craziest desires before  joining medical schools and what are those now? 😉


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