Medical Schools in Philippines and Education Consultancies of Nepal

<p>Philippines has become one of the popular exit for Nepalese students seeking medical education abroad since 3/4 yrs. Low tuition fee, foreign degree and eligibility for admission without passing any entrance exams are the attractive features of medical schools  in  Philippines  for Nepalese students. Any Science student (Major Biology) on passing 12th grade with at least 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology can get admission in these medical schools.

Before few years there were just 5-10 educational consultancies in Nepal sending students to Philippines. Today the number has gone sky high. Those consultancies are found almost in every corner of the valley i.e. from the top floor of a giant building of “Putalisadak” to bottom floor of a semi broken 3 storied house of “Patan Durbar” area.

A year back, after completing grade 12, I wasn’t very confident about the medical school of my country I would join then. As every year, a season of education fairs began. I weren’t a very good fan of educational consultancies but some way I found myself at one of the education fairs. That was my first and last visit to an educational fair run by the consultancies of Nepal. One which I attended was run in Bhrikuti Mandap and consisted of more than 100 educational consultancies of the valley. The stalls were well decorated with “Study in UK/US/Australia and many more” banners.J  Suddenly I saw a poster containing a line “Study in well reputed medical schools of Philippines at affordable cost”. I went to that stall. It was one of the famous and widely heard educational consultancies of the Kathmandu Valley well recognized by so called ECAN (Education Consultancies Association of Nepal).  I was warmly welcomed by a beautiful young lady in that stall. She explained me about the medical schools of Philippines in such a way that I was almost addicted to study Medicine in Philippines for some instant of time. She then gave me a brochure of her consultancy containing photos of successful students admitted to medical schools in Philippines via them.

My trust for her broke after I viewed the official website of the college I had chosen in their guidance. The fee mentioned in that site for Asian students for that year was $500 per year less than the fee mentioned in their brochure. After facing that result, my curiosities led to me do another crazy thing. I searched in Facebook for few people who were mentioned in that brochure. I found the one with same hometown as mine. I then added him and the request was accepted with few hours. I sent him a message. My message and his reply to it is given below in form of snap:


After getting his reply, I thanked him for his advice.



So, this is what I had experienced in course of getting interested to admit myself in one of the medical schools of Philippines.  This year’s admission session of medical schools in Philippines is about to open. Posters of various consultancies with their affiliated medical schools of Philippines are starting to appear in the walls of Kathmandu valley. Most of the posters have real attractive schemes like “Direct placement to US after degree”.

 I don’t have any personal offence to anyone about studying Medicine in Philippines but I want to pre-warn the aspiring Nepali medicos with what they can face during admission procedure with this post. Even only one incorrect decision can have adverse effects over one’s career and life.  I hope all the aspiring medical students of Nepal will take the right decision.  




23 thoughts on “Medical Schools in Philippines and Education Consultancies of Nepal

  1. i m also a student currently studying BS-MD in phlippines…As written above studying in the philippines is very expensive, overall figure its more expensive than nepal,,u will be spending 7000 dollar a year, just calculate 7000 times 6 years its 42000$ equivalent to 42 lakh,,,,i m also one of the sufferer from consultancies advertisement,,,,,but the positive aspects are the quality of education is very high its globally verified and very standard education,,,u will never be discriminated ,,,i will say that u willl never found such a friendly people like filippinos never ever,,,,and the other thing if u plan to come philippines be sure that u have gutts to study here,,coz passing mark is 75 out of hundred,,,,if u got to score 70 then u r failed,,,,if we are not bright then we might take couple of years extra to finish our course and again the money rises,,,,so if u guys gona plan to come philippines then be sure u r bright and be sure u have 40 lakhs…….i guarentee u tat quality of education here is far more better than Nepal, INdia, Bangladesh, and china,,,,,MY college is directly linked wid US medical college LIMA LANDA UNIVERSITY ( CALIFORNIA) USA in 4th year every interested candidate who have money can go and if somebody wanna come to philippines than u can just reply me or contact me i will explain u the process dont ever spend money in consultancies coz they do nothing,,,,,,

    1. hello deep,i am int to kwow about wethar it is a wise decision to syudy mbbs in phillipines and which college we shoud join

    2. Help me out currently I’m in Nepal will be finishing my 12 after a month and Im planning to come Philippines for MBBS preparation I want know more plz help me out…

    3. bro i am from kathmandu nepal.i want to study mbbs in philippines.tya kasto xa bro malai help garnu na la..concaltancy le malai 30 lakh ma sakinxa vandai thyo is this real brother?

    4. hey bro i was thinking of joining a medical school too. i want to make sure that i will be getting quality education there. 42 lakh isnt really a problem. i just want to make sure that i am exposed to the best education out there. also i was wondering if you could answer a few other questions. looking forward for a reply from you.

  2. hlw sir, my brother planing 2 go pilip..doing mbbs..but i cant found any doc doing mbbs nepal..

  3. I thought this post is to show people how students are being deceived by different consultancies in nepal and the living expenses in the philippines which are too high compared to nepal. I am currently studying in phillppines. If somebody wants to come in philippines for studying mbbs or any other programs especially thru consultancies, i will tell them to think 100 times before making this decison very seriously. Maile dekheo ra vogheko ma students haru +2 sakne bitikai k garne kata jane vanera alamalla ma parcha ani nepal ka consultancies haru le tesko faida uthauchan. Sabai le nauthaulan tara 90% consultancies ta paisa kamauna nai ta baseko holan. Ma philippines ma mbbs padna ramro cha ki chaina vanne vanda pani tapai yeha aunu vanda paile ekchoti haina 5 choti ramro sanga kura bujnuhos tapai jana lagnu vayeko thau ko barema, teha ko college ko barema, hostel, khana, manche haru, language problem, tution fee ko barema, tapai yeha aisake pachi colege ko tution fee kasari nepal bata philippines pathauna sakincha vanne barema, kati years ko course ho tyo barema, visa banaune ra extension garne, kasle gardine, kati paisa lagne barema, yesta kura haru sano lage pani dherai important chan. Sabai le vanlan ki philippines ma mbbs nepal ko vanda sasto cha..well it depends on which and what type of college you are going to enroll in. Ma yeha auda $1 = Rs 70 thiyo aile 100 pugi sakyo. Yeslai hamle change garera garna milne ta haina ni ekai choti but it affects expenses here. So you have to think these things before you go any foreign countries. Ma yeha aunu vanda paile i didnt know that theres no winter season in philippines. Winter season navaye manche bachanai sakinna ta vanna khojeko haina tara ma suitcase ma jado ma lagaune jacket banda ta tanna waiwai chawchaw halthe hola vanne lagcha or i maynot have come here in the first place. 12 monhs garmi ma padna ali majja hudaina ni haina ra althouh you have aircon in most places. I wanted to say these things just to make you aware and not to get overwhelmed when you plan to come here. Maile yeha ayera 1-2 months ma dherai nepali students haru farkeko pani dekheko chu. I dont want that to happen to those who will read this. Sabai ko ramro ra naramro side huncha, may be i wrote most of the negative things here. I dont know why i can only remember 1 good thing about here that you can see lot of beaches which you cant see in nepal. Lastly, i want to say dont believe everything consultancies say. Its better if u ask those people who are already studying in phillippines but not those peoples given to u by consultancies. Talk to those people whom you find outside from consultancies. I am not against any of the consultancies. I just want you to be very careful to choose and not to fall blindfoldly. May be you can search and add some filipinos and ask them about phillippines. They might reply to you. Sorry for long post. I hadnt thought i would be writing this long. Anyways Best wishes for your future. You may reply to this comment if u want to ask any qns to me. I will try to reply as quick as possible.

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  5. Hello I completed my +2 on 2014 & wanted to study MBBS further. I tried my best in Nepal but couldn’t. Since it has been 2 years i already lost I heard that medical colleges abroad do not take admission of the gap year students. Is there anywhere out I could still apply in Phillipines or Bangladesh since I was really unaware of this issues earlier?

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