Different Categories of Medical Smokers

ImageThese days smoking has been so common in medical students like chocolates for children. Below are various categories of smokers based upon the frequency and other associated factors. If you’re a medical student to come across this post, just bear a minute of patience by becoming honest and finding the category you belong 😉

“Mom says No to smoking” type

Those medical students who belong to this category are antagonistic to smoking by birth. If you smoke in front of them, they’ll surely pretend coughing to make you feel guilty. They usually love to gather with limited number of friends than a bulky mass. Even if the heavy loads of problems and depression keep on banging on their heads, they’re not going to give a try to a stick of cigarette. Average Intake: Null

The Real Introverts

They never smoke in front of anyone except themselves. They are inbuilt with very good skills to prove themselves as a non-smoker. Even if you are his best friend, he’s never going to tell you the truth unless you accidentally catch him smoking or find packets of cigarettes in his secret drawers. Average Intake: 7-12 cigarettes per week

“The Refreshers” type

They need cigarettes after prolonged hours of study and also after exam hours. Some of them like to smoke as an achievement after finishing heavy number of subjects from their “Next To study” list. They just smoke to refresh themselves in their own language. Average Intake: 3-8 cigarettes per week

“Smoke almost never, expose most forever” type

These   days smoking practice in medical schools is spreading as a source of fantasy. The medical students in this category are indeed beginners and the immature ones. They smartly present themselves as an experienced smoker. Whenever they’re out in a group of friends, they’ll surely burn at least one extra cigarette to prove extra ordinary smoking capability. 😉 No matter how much they expose themselves, they aren’t habituated enough to realize the true effect a burning cigarette produces within them. Sometimes they get confused with their own common sense with self-questions regarding why they smoke. Average Intake: 1-4 cigarettes per week

“Smoke is all in my mind” type

These are the ones who keep on searching every possible opportunity to smoke round the clock. They don’t need any single reason to smoke as others do. They have the habit of burning packets in every pleasant and painful moment. They can neither attend any lectures nor open any books without smoking first.  Average Intake: 2-5 packets per week.

Note: Above categories is exclusive of female medical students. I’ve rarely seen female medical students smoke.

Disclaimer: Smoking is injurious to health 😉


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